In the spring of 2018, ~100 New England librarians participated in Facing the Future: Facilitating Climate Change Conversations in Your Library.
Their World Cafe experience, the centerpiece of the training, was amplified by the fact that the American Library Association offers World Cafe training as a means to support librarians as transformational leaders. Mindfulness practices were woven throughout the training to reinforce the psycho-social aspects of climate change (see resources here). Trainees were invited to join an interactive online group, now ~50 librarians strong. The training is featured in a chapter of this forthcoming book.

In Fall 2018, a group of librarians met at Boston Public Library as part of the 1st Annual Climate Preparedness Week, organized by Communities Responding to Extreme Weather (CREW). CREW then invited Massachusetts librarians to mobilize their colleagues to host events across the state for the 2nd Annual Climate Prep Week. A core team of librarians is happily designing virtual and in-person trainings to support Massachusetts libraries’ participation (see Trainings).

Now we await news about a grant from Thriving Resilient Communities. If awarded, this MA-based project will ripple out into New England
(in collaboration with ~10 awesome social justice partners) through a Just Transition framework. We’ll know around July. Fingers crossed!